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Parrot Polish

Parrot Polish Gothic Barbie Thermal Nail Polish - Black/Blue/Pink

Parrot Polish Gothic Barbie Thermal Nail Polish - Black/Blue/Pink

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A unique tri-color thermal nail polish, Gothic Barbie - sister polish to Gothic Battista and Gothic Bobbie - transforms depending on the temperature. Black when cold, our color-changing polish transitions to blue and then bright pink as it warms up. This temperature-based polish provides a bold color combination for optimal dramatic effect, and it can be used with various application techniques like water marbling to create a gorgeous work of art. This polish is ideal for both natural and acrylic nails and can be layered for deeper, more opaque color. This polish dries matte, but can be topped with a clear top coat for that brilliant, high-gloss finish. Our line of thermal polishes are easy to apply, and dry quickly with a smooth finish. As with all of our Parrot Polish products, non-toxic Gothic Barbie colorful thermal nail polish is cruelty-free and 10-free.

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Wonderful thermal shift, and shipping was fast! Thank you so much! XOXO Cassidy